Monday, March 28, 2011

Making it as a Mom...

Welcome Monday!!! How are you making it as a mom? 
This week I have to start by saying I would NOT make it as a mom without my cute husband!

This weekend we celebrated our 6 year anniversary! When I don't have kids I act kind of crazy and this year was no different! We laughed, we talked, and we just ENJOYED being with each other with NO interruptions :)! It gave me strength to continue on!

So...onto what I  want to talk about today! 

I have been thinking a LOT lately! I know shocker...hahaha

Well...many of you know I have suffered the loss of two babies within a year. 
6 months apart from each other.

It has been a rollar coaster ride to say the least. But I want to share my latest thoughts I have had...maybe it will help someone out there who needs a lift.

As moms...we ALL go through so much! Sometimes we feel...
"I can't go on!", "I just can't do it anymore." "I am just TOO tired!"

With many of these thoughts I have tried to learn from the life of Jesus Christ . How does he show me to go on. I feel like the last year I have just been pushing on! After I had that thought of pushing on, I felt such a peace that sometimes that is all we have to do! After all...isn't that what the Savior did?

When he was in the Garden of Gethsemane it was hard! He didn't want to go on...but he DID want to do our Heavenly Fathers will. And he PUSHED forward.

What if he just gave up...what if he chose not to push forward?...He would have missed the BEST part! am pushing forward. I want to follow that example and NOT give up! It is is rough...I want to quit at times....but I also...don't want to miss the BEST part... WHATEVER the best part may be! 

So...if today is a hard day for you...PUSH FORWARD! The best is yet to come!

Happy Monday!

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