Sunday, February 27, 2011

Making it as a Mom...

Making it as a mom can be SOOOOOOOO......


This weekend we took our kids to Sesame Street Live.

Due to all 3 being so young they...


I am so grateful for a dear friend giving tickets to us!

I think I was just as excited since I have never been to sesame street live :)!

These are the times I fall in love more with my kids...

Being together as a family...

Is there anything better??????

Stay tuned for next week where I talk about the "not so funs".

Happy Monday!!!


Friday, February 25, 2011

Family Blocks

So... Family is VERY important to me!

I just completed this order and I love them more then the first time I made them!

First off...I have seen a TON of gray around blogland!

It must be a new love!!

So here my friends is the gray Family blocks!The up close of the "a" is blurry because I had to get really close so you could see the paper :)!

So...if you are a gray lover these are now in my etsy shop!

If you are not...there is also yellow and green...

Still not your colors? Well pick one and I will send you samples of paper I have of


Happy Friday!!





I did the number generator but I couldn't get it on my blog...
(I promise I didn't cheat :) )

#3 said...
Abby, I think the stuff you post and make is great. Makes me feel creatively inadequate! LOL. I will have to have you make some blocks this summer for my kids. The have nice and short names...Ava and this one will be Eli.

Well Jenny, you are not creative inadequate I promise! Congrats! I will have your prize to you soon!!!

Thanks for all who entered and ALL the nice comments you left for means

SOOOOOO much!!!

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011







I am feeling pretty LUCKY to have such great followers!!!!

With that said you may enter to WIN a set of my....


Here is how you can enter to win:
*1 entry per comment saying you are a follower of my blog
*1 entry if you post about this giveaway on your blog leave a comment with your link

ALSO...because I am SOOOOO excited...

Take 10% off your order in my etsy shop....TODAY ONLY!


Happy Winning!


Monday, February 21, 2011

Being a Mom Monday

So...there is much more to me then blocks...really...I promise....that is why I am starting.....


It may just be a event...a craft... or thought or two... that all are centered around being a mom...

So...I would say that one thing I have learned most about being a mom...

Is how to be a.....

BRIBE mom!

Now...this is an everyday thing for head is always thinking of new bribes and things to bribe with :)! Come on...I know you do it too...

Clean your room and you can have...
Eat your lunch and you can have...
Go get me____and you can have...
Be REALLY good in the store and you can have...
Go potty and you can have...
Get dressed ALL.BY.YOURSELF. and you can have...
Get buckled ALL.BY.YOURSELF. and you can have...
Stay on your bed and you can have....

So...any of these lines sound familiar...?!?!?!?!
I use maybe all of those EVERY.DAY!(its okay you can laugh)

Today...the bribe ALL your lunch including...

Yes...the ham rolls...that you have never seen OR tasted but you insist you already...


And you can have this cool egg....that does this...

My kids thought this was the COOLEST thing EVER...and


Happy Bribing :)!


Dinaosaur Party!

Well...another party done and it was...A SUCCESS!

My son really, really wanted a dinosaur party!

It was so fun to put it together!

First...I gathered ALL of the dinosaurs I could find...we had A LOT more then I thought :)!

I placed them around the room and added tissue paper puffs...they looked like bushes...

I also made a dinsosaur garland and flying looked great!

Balloons and cupcakes... that the part is over...I am left with a lot of dinosaur party supplies :)!

Anyone out there interested in the garland and flying raptors? :)

Happy Birthday!!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy Easter

I know...I is still February...but


I am so happy that spring is right around the corner and with spring comes....


This is by far my FAVORITE holiday and time of the year!
*I was married this time of year
*My birthday is this time of year
*And the colors...LOVE THE COLORS

So I bring you...the EASTER BLOCKS!
(I just want to scream with excitement!)And a up close of the great COLORS!

Tell me this does not get you excited?!?!?!?!?!

These blocks are now available in my etsy shop on the right....

This paper I have limited amount so once it is gone it is gone...

Is it so early to say...



Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Day

I hope you all have a fabulous V-Day!!

My day was exceptional!

I had to be creative this year to make sure my family new I loved them and this day was special where we can express it and have a great time together!

Remember about Dave Ramsey...yes...we are in that boat...and from the start of the year to date...we have paid off...$2,000 and are credit card debt FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(that is better then any gift that could be given!)

So...V-Day I got creative...made Valentines for my honey from the kids...
he put up a HUGE sign in the kitchen...and I made...
a WONDERFUL dinner with Valentines and all!

Here was a part of our dinner....

Braided heart bread for dinner....
It made dinner all the more exciting for the kids!

It was so fun to be creative and give from the heart!

Hope you all had a fantastic day!!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Spring!

Anyone else enjoying the warmest weather we have felt in like....FOREVER?!?!?!?

Isn't it just great?

I simply have started my spring cleaning...

and spring decorations...

check out my cute flowery spring blocks...
(is flowery a word?) it is today :)

Order your own today in my etsy shop!

Just click on my shop on the right!

Also, it comes as an unfinished kit!

HAPPY SPRING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



So...anyone feeling pretty lucky after yesterday?!?!?!?!

I know I sure am :)!

I have the absolute best husband a girl could ask for!

Well...if need a little more luck check out my "lucky" blocks!

Just in time for the big Irish day!!!

They are now available in my etsy shop.

Just click to the right on my shop!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dinosaur Party!

My oldest is turning FIVE!

I can hardly believe it!

He has been ALL about his birthday! We celebrated as a family last week and these are just a few of the highlights...
Richard..."Dad...its my birthday. You need to say Happy Birthday!"
Richard..."Guys you HAVE to follow the birthday boy!" the car..."umm...can you guys sing happy birthday to me again?"

Needless to say we had a LOT of laughter and fun ALL day! his request he is getting a dinosaur birthday is a little peak at the invite...


Friday, February 4, 2011

Be Mine

Okay...I think it is safe to say...I am done with Valentines Day!

My house is decorated...and I have a birthday to move on to!

First is one of the last Valentine projects I did...
it was the part of...find wood...stick vinyl on it...add ribbon...and call it a craft :)!


It looks great on my shelf...remember that one...I built here to see that post.

And here it is all put together!!!
Oh the glitter hearts?!?!?...
I made those with my mom in Utah...they have a place called the Wood Connection that is...
well...the best place EVER! It is every wood lovers DREAM!
soon I will show you EVERYTHING I bought there...oh how I am in love!

Well...happy crafting and have a great weekend...
I have a dinosaur birthday to celebrate!!


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Little Vinyl and a Litte Wood the last few days of doing NOTHING...I had to do SOMETHING!

With the has been hard to get I went searching around my house...

Found a little wood....and some vinyl...

This is what I did with it...
Found a little stand...
and stuck is on my kitchen counter to add a little bit of pink in there...
Just a little pink :)!

The pink is so bright there is a glare on it...haha!

Add a little tulle and you have a masterpiece!

Happy masterpiece making!


So...In Case You Missed the Storm

So...these pics are for those...who may have missed the biggest storm....that every news channel...and person were talking about :)!

If you come to visit...I am just letting you know...
My door is IMPOSSIBLE to get to...
I will open the garage :)!

Just a side note...I am not editing these photos :)...I am that lazy :)!
Now...this may not look so bad right?!?!?!?!
How bout we look at if from this shot...

Lets try this shot...
Are you wondering yet what the big deal is...its just snow right?!?!?!?!

Well...let me give you ONE more picture...Do you see my foot print? That is to see if I would sink to go get the mail...

This is with my door open...the "snow" doesn't move...why?!?!?!

Yes my friends I have 12-30 inches of ICE out my door....
I don't even know where to start to get it off...I am not even going to try...because...
we have an HOA who will hopefully come today and work on it :)! I said...if anyone is to visit...I will just open the garage for you!

Happy Thursday!!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Blog

The last couple days I have contemplated my blog...
what I WANT it to be...
NEED it to be.

I have decided this little bit of blog world is MINE.

I have decided that all though you will see many, many crafts...I also want to share ME with you!

I am more then crafts...I do live a crazy, busy life like the rest of you...and so...occasionally I want to share it with you!

So...I NEED to share this.
I NEED to write it and hope that it may bring peace!

This weekend...I experience a WORST nightmare.

It started off wonderful! My husband and I were traveling 2 1/2 hours to attend our temple.

It was going to be a great day...until...
we got there...
and I went in only to find I would miscarry my baby...


This is the second time in a row. According to the doc I now have a HISTORY.

I hate that word.
That was not my world...just 2 1/2 years ago I had a history of having baby after baby...that was the good shock...I guess now I must experience the bad.

The last few days have been nothing pleasant.

Going to sit in the same green room with the same sweet doc to get the same news as last time.

Having the nurse ask if I have had all my prenatal blood drawn...hmmm....I don't need it...

Lucky me I get to go back in 2 weeks...
not to get testing done though...
I have 3
I don't fit the category for testing...I have to have more miscarriages then kids I really stinks...

HOWEVER, let me switch sides...

I have never felt the tender hand of the Lord so apparent before.
I have never tasted of this sweet fruit.
For some reason...this must be...I have growing to still do.
We are after all being tested.
My thoughts are to just learn to be happy... to have courage and strength to do HIS will...despite my circumstances.
All though I long so badly for a baby...I must wait...I must until I get that blessed day
I will wait...I will grow...and I will try to be the mom I need to be.
I am grateful to see the Lord's hand in the people around husband, my family, my friends.

So...with one request...will you please pray for me...
I need to be sustained!

Thank you for reading this if you have made it to the end. I know it is not pleasant...but after all...
It is MY garden of eden.

Thank you dear friends!