Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So Sorry

 I am so sorry for the lack of posts!

I had so many FUN and CUTE ideas for the upcoming holiday, but...my couch calls my name more :)!

I still don't feel great and life is very overwhelming right now!

My husband has been looking for a job since last October since his clerkship is up in August.

Well, usually people would be BEGGING him to come be at their firm due to clerking at the Indiana Supreme Court....but thanks to the economy that is not the case :(.

To say the least it is stressful! Being pregnant on top of it all is even more stressful!

We were hoping to have our house built by now....that is no longer going to happen! We would not get it built now till October...that is 6 weeks from having this baby.....I would be a wreck...!

So....we are hopeful to receive a phone call soon! We are hoping to put an offer on our FAVORITE house right now....but we need just one, teeny, tiny thing....A JOB!

I don't understand the timing of this baby or my life right now....I am sick, tired, lonely, and stressed! 

Please bare with me. I should be back soon! I will have so many fun things to share! 

Really, I promise! Just 3 more weeks and I will be 16 weeks. That is when my life feels a little normal again!

Happy June by the way! Oh, and if you could say a little prayer that we get one of two job leads....I wouldn't mind one teeny, tiny bit!