Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My New Door

So...You know those doors you knock on and they have the cutest wreath and it makes there door eye candy? Okay, maybe you don't but I have always dreamed of having a BEAUTIFUL door. So, when people knock they want to come in because it is inviting. Well I went to the store and saw that a wreath that was "okay" was $40. I about died. Laugh if you will, but I can't spend $40 on a wreath. My husband and I have a goal to pay two big things off, so that was out of the question. So, as I looked at it I thought...I WILL JUST MAKE MY OWN. I bought a wreath for $2.00 and all the supplies for $7.00 (at the dollar store:)). My friends do you want to come knock on my door and come in for some hot chocolate?

How great does that look? I seriously could sit and look at my door all day...I have even opened it serveral times just to look at it:). I added the vinyl letters to it to add to a CUTE door. I have a cricut and vinyl so the cost of this cute door was under $10:) To hang my wreath I used the trick from the nester. I don't have the link to it...sorry nester...you put fat ribbon around your wreath and use tacks to hang it from the top of your door...I used small nails because that is all I had. LOVE IT!!! I have not stopped thinking about it. I can't wait for people to knock on my door! Do you have a great door you want to share? I would LOVE to see it!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Trick to Hanging Letters

So in this new house I have HUGE walls to fill with lots of fun stuff. Well I am bored with 3 pictures in a row or one huge picture, so I got creative. I take TONS of family pictures all on my own and I would like the wall to reflect what my family is REALLY like...beautifully imperfect. Not everyone is ever looking at the camera. Someone is always touching someone else. Or the usual fits for not wanting to sit still. So this wall reflects that.
The family letters that are hanging up were so fun and easy to do. I painted them brown then mod podged paper on. Sanded the edges to get the paper flush with the sides. Then to hang them I glued the nail heads on the back and hung the letter. YES, I GLUED the nail heads on the letters then I could actually get them somewhat straight. You should try it. It was fun!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This is why I haven't updated...

I happened to go to an estate sale a few weeks ago and saw this. I LOVED it. However, my heart spoke faster then my head. This has been my longest project EVER. I love it though. At first I was so upset when I started it. The thoughts going through my head were..."I am waisting my money, I reined it with BRIGHT orange paint, WHAT AM I THINKING????" Then a thought occurred to me...I need to distress and tone it down. So, I went to the store and bought some stain. I sanded it down and put stain on it and I LOVE IT!!! It is not quit done but here is where it is at.
BEFORE: (I almost forgot to take a shot so it has half primer)

IN BETWEEN: It is not quite finished yet:)

Here I Really Am

Okay so, now that I probably have NO followers...I am UPDATING this blog!! I am so sorry for how crazy my life has been. My husband and I have just been having to much fun being a family. We have done school the last 3 years and this summer we have been getting through him preparing for the bar. Now that we are done we have just been enjoying these 3 weeks before he starts work. So, indeed I am SO sorry for keeping you all waiting. Here is a GREAT before and after. This is my new jewelry box...or hiding spot for it:)


Friday, August 7, 2009


I am officially back from Utah! Okay so, I have been back a couple weeks, but it takes a while to get back in the daily groove. BUT I have some great before and afters coming so stop back by soon. Some of you have been BEGGING for a tour of my new house...WELL I have to wait till I get one area DONE first but I will post little bits and pieces of it to give you a sneak peak! Okay, so I THINK the kids are FINALLY asleep so I can go prime my hutch, poly my new jewelry stand AND take pictures of it all to post!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Out of Town

So, I am sorry to say but we are taking a little vacation right now. All though my mom and I have big plans to do some makeovers of furniture, there is really no telling how much will get done with three small kiddos. My husband had to stay behind to study and we are playing in Utah! However, when I get back I have my new kitchen chairs to redo...they are going to be AWESOME! I can't wait to share how much I got them for. Also, I will be having an "I {heart} vinyl" party!! So you have 6 weeks to do all the vinyl you want and get ready to share!! I can't wait to see! Enjoy the summer days of spray painting and thrifty finding!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Before and After of a Desk

Okay so my husband is studying for the bar right now and doesn't start work until the end of August. Well I want to decorate and help us out a bit. So, I went to a garage sale and for this for $10. Would you have bought it? Be honest! I really think people were looking at me like I was a nut job. However, my brain does not take in what it looks like anymore. It focuses on the potential of what it could be! In my brain I saw this...

Would you have bought it for $10 now? If I was keeping it I would have put different hardware on it, but I am selling it. Yep, that is right I just turned a $10 find into a $60 sale!! So the next time you see something not so pretty...just know it has a lot of potential!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Before and After of Buffet

Okay so, John and I went to an Estate Auction. It was our first one and it was GREAT! John came out and told me he won a buffet table for $45. When I saw it I didn't know what to think. I thought it was in good shape but UGLY. So here is the before and after!
THIS IS THE BEFORE....$55 (keep that in mind)


Yes you just read that right. I made just under $200 in this baby that once upon a time was UGLY:)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Check Out These Finds

So, many of you know how I LIVE and LOVE a good deal. I am not talking about something that happens to be on sale I am talking about GOOD deals! It is my natural high. It is inside of me ready to burst. It is something I get very, very excited about. I thought I would share some of my good finds this week...

This little table here works PERFECT in my weird spot right when you walk in my front door. Can you believe I got it for $1!! YES ONE DOLLAR! Soon, I will have the before and after of it on my decorating blog. It is going to look great when it is done!

This little shelf BRAN new in the box...$5. Yes, that is only a 5 after the dollar sign. I have already put it together and hung it in my kids bathroom with the cutest little orange baskets that fit PERFECT in the cubes. The little lamp $1. Just wait till you see the lamp painted and put in my little boys room...PERFECT!

These two mirrors I got REALLY excited about. The white one $1. YES ONE DOLLAR. The silver on $5. That is a total of only $6 that I spent on two mirrors. Soon I will have pictures of where they are in my house. (Yes that is my green rug I bought and now have NO idea how to decorate with it. Any advice?)

This little bench only needs a little TLC and it will be beautiful. Can you picture it looking great? Soon I will have a before and after off this to. Guess how much...$5. Now most will say they would never even of thought to get it...just wait till you see what it looks like after my TLC.

Are you ready for this one? Please do sit down...I would hate for any one to get hurt when I announce I got this baby for FREE! Yes I will spell that for you F.R.E.E. I called the lady who only wanted $85 for it. She was already moved and it was just sitting in the garage. She told me I could go and get it for FREE. Can I just tell you how beautiful it is and how happy this makes me. I LOVE to play and this piano is both great looking and plays wonderful. Thanks for letting me share my fun joy I have been having decorating my new house!

Friday, May 22, 2009

My New Favorite Store

So all you decorating bloggers out there...are you jealous by this picture? Seriously I could not get over there fast enough. I have found the best deals around...are you ready for some before and afters? Here is goes...I don't have a linen closet in my new house...I know weird so I had to find something. I knew when I saw this buffet table it was PERFECT!! However, it was really really ugly. It was painted an off white with green blotches. I re-painted it a dusty blue and distressed it. It is now just perfect. The best part is it was only $8.99!

My girls were is desperate need for a dresser since they were sharing three drawers. I found this beauty...$15. Yep you heard me right only $15! I just sanded it with my new electric sander and primed and painted! That was it. In a matter of hours it was beautiful.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I am so sorry I am not keeping up with posting. I have an explanation. I am moving in 3 WEEKS!!!!...I am packing instead of projects, but don't worry I have a to-do list a mile long of what I want to do in my new house!!!!! Please check back in a few weeks when I can finally use all the brain juice I have been storing.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I Heart Spray Paint!

I cannot tell you how much I have fallen in LOVE with spray paint. Thirfty Decor Chick is having a spray paint party today and I knew I had to join. I have been working on my new side tables for a few days now and knew I had to finish them for the party! I found these babies at the thrift store and knew they were meant to be mine. I just knew they needed to be in my bedroom. Here is the before and after! Soon to come (when I find the perfect lamps) will be a picture of them in there new home. My bedroom!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Treasure Chest Anyone?

My husband and I were able to go on a date on Saturday afternoon. Well I have been CRAVING to go to the thrift stores to find a fun project. Well it was are lucky day. The whole store was 40% off!!!! So we looked and looked and found 2 fun projects. I will share one of them with you today. This was a great find. Extra storage is always a plus. Here is what I saw...
I immediately had what I wanted in my head. The cost of the trunk at $8.00 I couldn't resist. It would be PERFECT in our office with all the blankets inside. Here is what it looks like now after a little TLC. I LOVE IT!

All I did was remove the outside and recover it with fabric. Added trim to the top and bottom edges, painted the hardware and just like that it was like new. I can't wait to show you what it looks like in my new house. The problem is I won't be there for 8 more weeks. What thrift store finds have you just loved?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Color Anyone?

For just over a year now I have had these pictures hanging on my wall. As you can see they are SO plain and don't really stand out from the white wall behind them. Everyday walking by them I would just cringe. I LOVE the pictures. My husband took them and gave them all to me as a gift in frames. Love the pictures. Hated the mats that made the awesome pictures blend in. Yesterday, I finally decided to make a change. This is how it turned out!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Birthday And Some Fabric

Today is a birthday of a dear friend. She is so sweet and kind and it is exciting to celebrate her today. I wanted to give her something that she would LOVE and use. I wanted it to be personal for her from me. So I found the PERFECT gift. I went to the store the night before found the CUTEST fabric and with in 2 hours had the perfect gift! Thanks be to Stop starring and start sewing for the inspiration and directions! Click here to make one for you or any of your friends.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Question For All Crafters

So here is the question I pose today. I REALLY need some feed back. I have this philosophy with doing crafts. It is my C.A.R.E. philosophy. Copy. And. Repeat. Everything. Being a crafter I love to get ideas from the web. So, if I see something that I LOVE and know I can do...can I always use the C.A.R.E. philosophy? What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Window

This is my first window I have done. I realized I had no wedding pictures hanging up. I decided to make my old window a wedding theme. LOVE. OLD. WINDOWS. Enjoy.


Welcome to "My Garden of Eden". I have been so impressed by the decorating tips I have found on blogs. There are so many amazing women with such creative minds. They have jump started me to work on my little home. I am attempting to dress and make my home my own. Enjoy and be inspired as I do projects in which I have been inspired from others.