Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shocking! was the big one! 
You know the day where you could put ALL the thoughts inside your head to rest and get started on them?!?!?

For months now I have been planning on painting a crib...white....with pink stenciling...really light pink...

I had a name! A cute girl name picked out!

I know we are missing a little girl in the family! I thought for sure we would add her......

but...then I heard the tech say...IT'S A BOY!

All I could do was lay there in COMPLETE shock! I didn't even know what to think!

The crib...I won't be painting...cause I don't think he would appreciate pink on his crib...

A name...nope have NO clue where to even begin with figuring one out!

All I could do was stare at this child....for almost 22 weeks I thought it was a girl in there....

I am wrong. And it is okay! 

He is healthy, well, and ready to be in the family! 

Did I mention...I gave away ALL my boy stuff...yes....I really did!

I thought for sure we were having a girl and then we were done....:) is a boy...we will get cute little blue and green things...a new house...and....well...not the last baby like we thought...but we will get this bundle of joy to love....and Richard will get his prayers answered :) 

The first words Richard said to me..."I told ya mom!"
He has said from day one he was praying for a boy! Looks like his faith is stronger then mine :)!

Soooo...shocking...but good....IT'S A BOY! 


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So Sorry

 I am so sorry for the lack of posts!

I had so many FUN and CUTE ideas for the upcoming holiday, couch calls my name more :)!

I still don't feel great and life is very overwhelming right now!

My husband has been looking for a job since last October since his clerkship is up in August.

Well, usually people would be BEGGING him to come be at their firm due to clerking at the Indiana Supreme Court....but thanks to the economy that is not the case :(.

To say the least it is stressful! Being pregnant on top of it all is even more stressful!

We were hoping to have our house built by now....that is no longer going to happen! We would not get it built now till October...that is 6 weeks from having this baby.....I would be a wreck...!

So....we are hopeful to receive a phone call soon! We are hoping to put an offer on our FAVORITE house right now....but we need just one, teeny, tiny thing....A JOB!

I don't understand the timing of this baby or my life right now....I am sick, tired, lonely, and stressed! 

Please bare with me. I should be back soon! I will have so many fun things to share! 

Really, I promise! Just 3 more weeks and I will be 16 weeks. That is when my life feels a little normal again!

Happy June by the way! Oh, and if you could say a little prayer that we get one of two job leads....I wouldn't mind one teeny, tiny bit!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Exciting News....

So have you wondered if I left blog land permanently?????

Well...I haven't....I have just been on my bed....or couch....letting everything else take the back burner.

I have been sick for about 4 weeks now. REALLY sick...UNTIL....

I bought some Vitamin B12. Seriously people....why didn't anyone tell me about that 3 times ago????
In April we had a great surprise...I thought it really could not be!
We have been trying and trying and trying to have more kids...with no luck!

We have gone down the miscarriage road twice.  We have had some testing done with normal results.

It was a hard, hard thing to go through. My hear aches for others who are facing the same trial. It was a faith growing experience for me. 

In March we were questioning if we even try any longer. Emotionally I simply couldn't take much more and still raise my kids and be a semi-nice mom. I needed to move on. 

Little did I know...that we were already pregnant.  

It is a feeling of excitement, but oh so scary all at the same time! We lost the last two it was a hard thought to process that it actually might happen.

Well today my friends.....the excitement begins....we have a HEALTHY HEARTBEAT!!!!!!

There could have not been a better sound! 

A funny thing we dropped two eggs....but they could only find one baby! We are happy for one! 




Monday, April 25, 2011


 You read it right...I am closing my shop! 

It just simply takes to much time away from my little family! 

I need this time to prepare for the future with all the changes we have and most importantly to be with my three kids without being stressed or overwhelmed!

So...EVERYTHING is READY TO SHIP and 50% off!

coupon code: CLOSING50


Monday, April 18, 2011

Making it as a Mom... Making it as a Mom!!!
Happy Monday!

Today I want to share with you one of my not so secrets :)!

Shopping! I LOVE to shop.....BUT....I HATE to spend full price on ANYTHING!

I won't do it! I can't do it! I just simply have a heart attack if I have to!

So, with three kids needing summer clothes I was freaking out a little BECAUSE...I usually buy EVERYTHING the year before when stores do the end of year clearance! husband and I set out Saturday for the outlets. Before I went though....HERE IS MY SECRET...

I printed ALL the coupons I possibly could find!

Chilren's Place, Gap, Osh Kosh,Carters....pretty much ALL stores....have ONLINE COUPONS!

So my friends...I am proud to say I spent UNDER $200 and got MOST of the THREE kids clothes for summer!

That included....Easter outfits AND swimming suits :)!

I saved almost $40 from the coupons :)!!!!!!!!!

Happy Monday AND Smart Shopping :)!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


 So...Sorry for the lack of posts this week :)! There will be no link party either :( ......

why you ask?!?!?!?!?

Cause I just want to play with my kids! The weather is awesome!!!

Happy Weekend :)!
P.S. be sure to check out my FB page....there are new deals!!!



Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Great Deal!!

Check out my facebook page ALL week for great deals from the shop!!! 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Making it as a Mom...

 Happy Monday!!! 

How are you making it as a mom? This last week ALL my kiddos were sick, sick, sick. Not just...coughing...we still can get stuff done sick...but....puking....laying on the floor doing nothing sort of sick!

BLAH!!! is Monday...I LOVE Mondays! New fresh week to start with :)!

Today I wanted to share some ideas for helping your kids be more accountable.

This is a new stage of life for  me...I have been doing EVERYTHING for the past well...5 years!
Having 3 kids in 2 1/2 years I was in a mode.....well I am breaking out!!!

I wanted a chore chart....but not a chart :)
Here are some ideas I found to help me with that!

First...if I wasn't so busy....or lazy....I would have LOVED to make these from Make It Sparkly Mama!
How cute right? The kids just move the sticks when they are done :)!!! 
The next idea I found was from Soap Star Mom on etsy. She sells the boards and everythings! I LOVE it!

Chore Board - Small (1 or 2 names)
Awesome right? It was SO hard to choose what I wanted to do....
I came across magnets though from Abbies House on etsy.

CREATE YOUR OWN-   additional chore chart magnet set
I already had a magnet board and I can cut vinyl so I knew these were it! It was a HARD choice, but I am so excited to start having a more organized house :)!

Later in the week I will show you my board and tell you how I do it with the kiddies!!!

Happy Momday!!!



Thursday, April 7, 2011

What's in Your Garden....Linky Party #4

Thank goodness it is FRIDAY!!!
I have been stuck in side with really sick kids all I can't wait to see all your lovely projects!

Last week was FABULOUS! I LOVED looking at everyone's creations!
Let's start with Our Seven Dwarfs carrot sign tutorial....I LOVE it!!! I hope to make one :)!

Next...those of us with little girls will LOVE this!!!
The Little Apple Seed....made this no slip baby blanket!

 And finally...The V Spot shows how to make curtains...with a glue gun :)

  I have some new projects that I have up my sleeve from some projects... inspired by you!

Now on to the party!!!!!!
1) Link up anything made by you!!!!

2) Please post the direct URL code

3) If you wish...please grab my button to add to your link parties :)

Okay ladies...I am excited to see "What's in Your Garden"!!



Wednesday, April 6, 2011

HoneyBear Lane

Hello Ladies!!!
Today you can find me over at HoneyBear Lane

Happy Wednesday!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Making it as a Mom...

So...I know it is Tuesday!!!
This week I am pondering how to be a better mom!!! :)

With sick kids, a craft show this weekend, and a house that needs to be cleaned....

My blog will be on rest this week! 

The link party will still be Friday!!! Can't wait!

Happy....Tuesday :)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

What's in Your Garden....Linky Party #3

Welcome to What's in Your Garden #3!!!!
I LOVED all the links from last week! 
In honor of the cold weather I am posting those that made me feel a bit warmer :)!!!!
Sara at Sarahndipities has this super CUTE flower garland...she even has the pattern!!

Melisa over at Allie Belle Designs made these ADORABLE flower topiaries!!

Lolly Jane over at Lolly Joane Boutique made a "spring" pennant

Thank you ladies for helping me know that SPRING is on its way!!!! 
Please grab a button on the right side of my blog :)!

Now on to the party!!!!!!
1) Link up anything made by you!!!!

2) Please post the direct URL code

3) If you wish...please grab my button to add to your link parties :)

Okay ladies...I am excited to see "What's in Your Garden"!!



Summer is Coming!

So...I don't know about you...but the weather has turned COLD here!
So...I am looking ahead to summer....yes to July...when it is nothing but HOT!HOT!HOT! are some more new blocks that are now available :)

The word...SUMMER alone makes me feel so warm!!! These are turquoise and yellow...

Next...I love to celebrate the 4th of July! It is the holiday I always LOVE to be with family! The BBQ's the parties, the water...just everything!!!
Starts and Stripes...
And Liberty!!! These make me SO thankful to live in a FREE country! To have Freedom and to have so many willing men and women who serve this counrty to protect these rights!!! 

Thank you so ALL those who sacrifice for this country!

Happy Summer!!! We hope!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011


CALLING....all moms with little dancers on your hands! 
As a mom...we all know that when it is time to go...ONE shoe ALWAYS seems to be missing!

Well...I have a solution for you today...Meet Jill over at Tap n Toe Dance Bags.

She has a daughter that needed a CUTE place to put her pointe shoes...but...they still needed to be able to air out after started making the CUTEST dance bags EVER!

  Mesh pointe/ballet dance shoe bag 
Don't you just LOVE the flower?
 White mesh pointe/ballet shoe bag.  Zebra print topper with zebra print wide ribbon and white poka dots on black rosette flower.  Black drawstrings with beads for easy closer. 
 Love the black and white!

Mesh pointe/ballet dance shoe bag with embroidered pointe shoes and the word "Ballet" also embroidered on the bag
She also embroiders them! How cute right?
So...if you have a little one who have to see the rest of Jill's bags. 
There are SO many to choose from!
Happy Dancing!



Monday, March 28, 2011

LOTS of new blocks in my etsy shop!!

LOTS...of new blocks in my etsy shop!
I will be posting a few at a time since well...there are LOTS!

First off...lets begin with the Hop!Hop!Hop! Blocks
I offer two different colors...first...yellow with polka dots...

I LOVE them!!!

And here are the purple ones...

Just in time for Easter!!

Please remember all orders and made to order! Need other colors?? Just let me know :)
To get to my etsy shop just click the shop on the sidebar to the right!!

Hoppy Easter :)!


Making it as a Mom...

Welcome Monday!!! How are you making it as a mom? 
This week I have to start by saying I would NOT make it as a mom without my cute husband!

This weekend we celebrated our 6 year anniversary! When I don't have kids I act kind of crazy and this year was no different! We laughed, we talked, and we just ENJOYED being with each other with NO interruptions :)! It gave me strength to continue on!

So...onto what I  want to talk about today! 

I have been thinking a LOT lately! I know shocker...hahaha

Well...many of you know I have suffered the loss of two babies within a year. 
6 months apart from each other.

It has been a rollar coaster ride to say the least. But I want to share my latest thoughts I have had...maybe it will help someone out there who needs a lift.

As moms...we ALL go through so much! Sometimes we feel...
"I can't go on!", "I just can't do it anymore." "I am just TOO tired!"

With many of these thoughts I have tried to learn from the life of Jesus Christ . How does he show me to go on. I feel like the last year I have just been pushing on! After I had that thought of pushing on, I felt such a peace that sometimes that is all we have to do! After all...isn't that what the Savior did?

When he was in the Garden of Gethsemane it was hard! He didn't want to go on...but he DID want to do our Heavenly Fathers will. And he PUSHED forward.

What if he just gave up...what if he chose not to push forward?...He would have missed the BEST part! am pushing forward. I want to follow that example and NOT give up! It is is rough...I want to quit at times....but I also...don't want to miss the BEST part... WHATEVER the best part may be! 

So...if today is a hard day for you...PUSH FORWARD! The best is yet to come!

Happy Monday!

Friday, March 25, 2011

What's in Your Garden....Linky Party #2

Welcome to What's in your Garden #2!!!

I was so excited last week to see all the fun ideas!
Thank you ALL who linked up!!!! I was excited to see your fun projects!
Here was one that inspired me with the whole spring stuff?!?!?....

A mail organizer by Lillian Pearl Designs..... 
So cute!!!...and an area I definitely need help in!!!!

Now on to the party!!!!!!
1) Link up anything made by you!!!!

2) Please post the direct URL code

3) If you wish...please grab my button to add to your link parties :)

Okay ladies...I am excited to see "What's in Your Garden"!!



Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Easter Egg Tree

 I happened to be at my BFF's house the other day when I saw her cute egg tree. 

I asked that the one I saw at the DOLLAR STORE?

Her reply....YEP!

So...I knew I HAD to go...but I had one problem....all out of blow money...
you know the Dave Ramsey did what any of you would do....gathered ALL the change I could find :)...yes...the cashier gave me REALLY weird looks...and maybe she laughed a little...but I HAD to have my tree and eggs :)....just would do the same :)!!!

And for $2.14 cents I walked out tree!... eggs.....!!
The tree however...looked a little sad...this is where my BFF gave me inspiration...why didn't I think of that when I first saw these trees? That is why I have her right?????

I added some moss....
Put a ribbon around the pot and added the eggs and you get....

How cute is that???? I had EVERYTHING else to make it cute so this only cost me....$2.14!!!!!!

Happy Dollar Store shopping today!!!! :)
P.S. don't forget your change...hehehe


Monday, March 21, 2011

Making it as a Mom...

Happy Monday we go again right????? :)
Today I am just going to jump right in....motherhood.....!

I remember being a little girl and DREAMING about motherhood! It is ALL I wanted to be when I grew up!

Now that I am living that dream...I am still in love with...MOTHERHOOD!

However...there is this really annoying thing about it....COLORS!

I bet you all just made a REALLY funny face and said....HUH?!?!?!?

Well see play a HUGE part in a small childs life!

I just so happen to have THREE small child's :)

So...I spend a LOT of my day hearing....(you may want to plug your ears just reading this :))

"I want blue....NO, I want blue...NOOOOO, I want blue.....

I get pink....NO, I get pink....NOOOO, I get pink.....

I want the orange bowl....NO, I want the orange bowl....NOOOOO, I want the orange bowl....."

Catching on the "COLORS" yet???

Yes my friends I wonder the same thing too.....CAN WE GET 6 PLATES OF THE SAME COLOR IN A PACK.....WHY MULTICOLOR PACKS....WHY?

Seriously, though...motherhood it great! It just happens to be the one thing that SHINES all our weeknesses :)

So...I will keep on keeping on and LOVE this stage of Making it as a Mom colors and all :)! It is the best thing as women we could spend our time doing!

Happy Monday!



Sunday, March 20, 2011

DIY Spring Candy Jars

So... I am not going to lie...I put ALL my spring/Easter stuff up on the 18th :) I just couldn't wait any longer! day this, well... LATE at night...I fell asleep....only to be jolted awake by a phone call...

 It was my sister...who...shared an idea with me that I HAD to do according to her....:)

This was the idea....

So...I went to the DOLLAR store and bought the candle stick holders...
I found my jars at Walmart cause that is where I was that day...

I took the rubber piece off the lid that suctions it down....

SPRAY painted(it was 70 degrees :)) the lid and the candlestick holder....

Let it dry...used E6000 and glued the jar on the candlestick holder...added candy...put on the cute lid....and you have...
A super cute turquoise jar...recognize the jelly beans...the left overs :)
And a super cute pink candy jar... long as my sister calls with a good idea....I simply can't be mad she WOKE me up :)!

Happy candy jar making!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

What's in Your Garden....Linky Party #1!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to my FIRST linky party!!!!!!
Here are the rules.....

1) Link up anything made by you!!!!

2) Please post the direct URL code

3) If you wish...please grab my button to add to your link parties :)

Okay ladies...I am excited to see "What's in Your Garden"!!