Monday, March 21, 2011

Making it as a Mom...

Happy Monday we go again right????? :)
Today I am just going to jump right in....motherhood.....!

I remember being a little girl and DREAMING about motherhood! It is ALL I wanted to be when I grew up!

Now that I am living that dream...I am still in love with...MOTHERHOOD!

However...there is this really annoying thing about it....COLORS!

I bet you all just made a REALLY funny face and said....HUH?!?!?!?

Well see play a HUGE part in a small childs life!

I just so happen to have THREE small child's :)

So...I spend a LOT of my day hearing....(you may want to plug your ears just reading this :))

"I want blue....NO, I want blue...NOOOOO, I want blue.....

I get pink....NO, I get pink....NOOOO, I get pink.....

I want the orange bowl....NO, I want the orange bowl....NOOOOO, I want the orange bowl....."

Catching on the "COLORS" yet???

Yes my friends I wonder the same thing too.....CAN WE GET 6 PLATES OF THE SAME COLOR IN A PACK.....WHY MULTICOLOR PACKS....WHY?

Seriously, though...motherhood it great! It just happens to be the one thing that SHINES all our weeknesses :)

So...I will keep on keeping on and LOVE this stage of Making it as a Mom colors and all :)! It is the best thing as women we could spend our time doing!

Happy Monday!




  1. I love that you blogged about this! And I'm happy to know it's not just my kids! How many times have I told them "the food tastes the same on the blue plate as it does on the yellow plate." Yet, they STILL don't believe me. ARGH! :)

  2. So. So. True. We have had the same problem! WHY!?!? We finally just assigned a different color to each of the kids. It helped a lot!