Monday, November 29, 2010

The Stockings Were Hung...

Okay here is the project of the week!!! I am VERY excited about this one because....

You just may be shocked...

I CAME UP WITH ALL OF IT! Yes I know...shocking....I copy ideas and make them how I want, but NOT with this one. I thought of EVER.SINGLE.DETAIL!

Can I just say I am IN LOVE with rosettes! I love them on just about EVERYTHING! They are so easy to make! Have you tried any yet?

My Sparkle has a great tutorial! I will add in though that when you are is more of a back and forth then all the way around...make sense?!?!...if not, try it out and doing it hands on might make a little more sense.

Anyway...with out further adieu here is my beloved "The Stockings Were Hung"!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Are You Ready????

So, is everyone READY for BLACK FRIDAY???????????

This is seriously one of my favorites!

I LOVE the crowd, the craziness, the rush....ALL.OF.IT!

So, in honor of black Friday and the start to the holiday's I have some special offers in my shop! All orders on Friday are 20% off OR FREE SHIPPING for orders $50 or more!


The reason being is I have to go in and change the shipping!


CODES: BLACKFRIDAY20 for twenty percent off! Again if you want to order $50 for free shipping please convo me your order!


Below is a sample of items!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Little Country Corner

Have you all been over to Little Country Corner? If not, you are truly missing out! Jessica just started this blog and already has so much to offer blog land!

Seriously, she can take goodwill sweaters that are in the back of your know the ones with dust...yep now you know what I am talking about!... and turn them into a church outfit for her little boy...don't believe me...well see for yourself...

Seriously how cool is that??? How many of you have old sweaters in your closet??? Time to get them out I guess huh?

How about this one...jeans...into skirts? I have seen this before but I have never attempted...this makes me want to try...

How amazing right? I am always SO amazed at others who can do this...maybe I need to freshen up with my sewing machine a little!

Well enjoy! And don't forget go over to Little Country Corner and grab her button and tell her hello!


Be Merry!

I did it people....I really did it!!! I started to set up Christmas!

I just simply could not resist it...I caved :)!

One of my other FAVORITE sayings I did for the craft show is now gracing my mantle. I am in LOVE with how it looks!

Wanna peak? I will warn might want one of your own! you go...just know you have been warned :)!
Yes I know what you are thinking....WHAT ARE THOSE GLITTER TREES???? No worries I will be posting them soon! Enjoy and Be Merry!

P.S. If you simply HAVE to have a "Be Merry" no worries...they are in my etsy shop! Just click to the right :)!

Monday, November 22, 2010

I am SO Itchy!

So, are you guys? Are you itchy too??? You know about setting up everything Christmas?!?!?!

Seriously, I think it my happen in my house TODAY! I have been having the hardest time waiting! Partly because I have been making Christmas things for a couple weeks here. I did my first craft show every and have a second on right around the corner!

Do you wanna see?!? This is what I have been doing...
This is seriously one of my FAVORITES! This was my best seller at the show...which...I figured it would could it not?

However, the runner just as cute...and really...for me is a MUST have in my home! So, because I sold out I am making more and going to include myself this time!Don't you just love them? The reindeer in the front is my FAVORITE! I am in LOVE with silhouettes!!!...if you couldn't tell...and new I just HAD to have Christmas ones!

So...what have you been making? Anything fun? Are you itchy to put up EVERYTHING Christmas yet?

Both items shown... are in my etsy shop! Just click on the picture on the right hand side and it will take you straight there! Happy Holiday :)!

You can find more great ideas at Todays Creative Blog. Click here to link to get your craft on!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Snowmen Cupcakes
How stinkin cute are these? My friend Ashely over at Simply Designing brought these to me!

I had the HARDEST time eating them because they are SO cute!....

I won't tell you that I just sat and stared at them WANTING to decorate my house with them! I wondered if people would know they were cupcakes...sigh...

What a perfect idea for a winter party!!

Ashley has a complete how to over at her blog. Click here to go to her page! Enjoy making some of these darling snowmen!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Finally on ETSY!!!

Yes, yes I finally did it! I now have a store on ETSY!!!!

Go here to check it out!

I will be posting everything I made here as soon as my two craft shows are done!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Cards

I know, I know, we haven't even had Thanksgiving yet, but yes I am thinking about Christmas. A lot of my shopping is done, but I still have a big thing to do...


I LOVE sending out Christmas Cards and receiving them in the mail. I feel like it is an important time of year for family and friends to share how this year went, and to catch up again. It is one of my favorite highlights to Christmas.

Looking for Christmas cards I have fallen in LOVE with shutterfly! They have any design you could think of! I wanted one where I could have a square picture and sure enough...their is one!The price is AMAZING! Go HERE to see all their holiday Christmas Cards. They are also doing a promotion to receive 50 Christmas cards free. Click the link found at the bottom of this post for details how you can earn you 50 free Christmas Cards.


As I was browsing around I found some great gift ideas for those on my list.
Everyone has to have a calender for the new year, and what a better idea then to fill it with pictures of those they love. The best a 12 month calender is UNDER $20!!! Click HERE to see all of their calenders!

Another great idea for someone on my list is a BEAUTIFUL canvass picture! Again their prices are amazing! Canvasses have a way of capturing the image instead of a frame :)! I LOVE THEM! Click HERE to see the canvasses.

Their is nothing greater then to receive a personal card in the mail or to share a beautiful personal gift with those we love this Christmas season! I hope you all have a wonderful time shopping around on Shutterfly! I know I had a great time and was able to cross a few more things off my list! :)

Below is the link for information how you can receive 50 free holiday cards!

Bloggers get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly, follow the arrow à

Happy Holidays!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thanksgiving Silhouettes

One of my FAVORITE things to do is to craft my sister and mom. However, I live MILES away from them. I only get to craft when I go home or when my mom comes to visit. Most days I end up crafting alone when my kids are sleeping...or watching tv...:) It can get pretty lonely.

To help fill the gap of living so far away I take every advantage to craft with friends! Ashley over at simple designing came over for a craft day and this is what we came up with. We are both in LOVE with silhouettes and knew we had to have some!

It was fun to craft with someone while letting the kids play! Thanks Ashley!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Twine Anyone?

One of the crafts I have wanting to do for a long time is using twine! Who doesn't love twine? It can change an ordinary candle into something terrific or a plain glass jar into being a little more decorative. With Thanksgiving coming up I thought it would be perfect!

I started with a couple plain candles....and starting wrapping. I was surprised at how easy it is! Here is how they turned out...
I just love how they turned out. Such a simple touch for a fall look.

I then had flowers that I want to put in a jar. However...I didn't want my green foam to show :)! So...why not wrap that with twine as well? Here is how it turned out...
I just love how it looks. A good start for the display on my shelf...not I just need to make some silhouettes of my kids...stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Shelf

Okay I know you have all been waiting for this and I am sorry about the delay!

So, John and I went down to a festival and I FINALLY found a shelf I LOVED! Anyone else have that problem...shelves being too country for their more modern house? I have a HUGE problem with that! I have nothing against country shelves, don't get me wrong, they just don't fit in my house.

Well, so I saw the shelf and got SO excited UNTIL I saw the price tag at $ about disappointment! I thought my search was over, but I was SO not going to pay I opted to do one myself! I knew it was the only way to get what I wanted!

So for a total of $26 I now have this: (It is still missing the knobs at the bottom...but I can't find what I I was to impatient to wait any longer!)
So you just LOVE the bead board???? That I think it what I loved most about the shelf I saw! Lucky for me I will no longer loose any sleep over a shelf! I LOVE IT!