Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Twine Anyone?

One of the crafts I have wanting to do for a long time is using twine! Who doesn't love twine? It can change an ordinary candle into something terrific or a plain glass jar into being a little more decorative. With Thanksgiving coming up I thought it would be perfect!

I started with a couple plain candles....and starting wrapping. I was surprised at how easy it is! Here is how they turned out...
I just love how they turned out. Such a simple touch for a fall look.

I then had flowers that I want to put in a jar. However...I didn't want my green foam to show :)! So...why not wrap that with twine as well? Here is how it turned out...
I just love how it looks. A good start for the display on my shelf...not I just need to make some silhouettes of my kids...stay tuned!

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