Monday, May 16, 2011

Exciting News....

So have you wondered if I left blog land permanently?????

Well...I haven't....I have just been on my bed....or couch....letting everything else take the back burner.

I have been sick for about 4 weeks now. REALLY sick...UNTIL....

I bought some Vitamin B12. Seriously people....why didn't anyone tell me about that 3 times ago????
In April we had a great surprise...I thought it really could not be!
We have been trying and trying and trying to have more kids...with no luck!

We have gone down the miscarriage road twice.  We have had some testing done with normal results.

It was a hard, hard thing to go through. My hear aches for others who are facing the same trial. It was a faith growing experience for me. 

In March we were questioning if we even try any longer. Emotionally I simply couldn't take much more and still raise my kids and be a semi-nice mom. I needed to move on. 

Little did I know...that we were already pregnant.  

It is a feeling of excitement, but oh so scary all at the same time! We lost the last two it was a hard thought to process that it actually might happen.

Well today my friends.....the excitement begins....we have a HEALTHY HEARTBEAT!!!!!!

There could have not been a better sound! 

A funny thing we dropped two eggs....but they could only find one baby! We are happy for one!