Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nothing To Do With Decorating...

So, this post my friends has absolutely nothing to do with decorating! However, I do find fun things to decorate with here so I am there often. I just had to write this on my public blog to in some small way feel like I was being heard as it goes out in space! Here is a letter written by me to Walmart customers.
Let me please set the stage for you...I have three kids! I had all three kids in 2 and a half years. So, I have a 4 year old, 2 3/4 year old and an 18 month old. We are usually in a double stroller with my oldest holding onto the back or the side. And then there is me! I am pushing all 80 pounds with a HUGE smile on my face! Now lets begin...
Dear Walmart Customers,
YES I have three kids. No, none of them are twins! I gladly had all of them this close together. Is it any of your business if I planned it that way? Do I really need to share my reproductive habits with you? Oh, and if you are wondering, yes, I am very well aware of how this happens! Do I need to say more?
To the sweet man in the bright turquoise sweat pants. I am sorry that you are only a grandpa of two and can't handle it. It however, does not mean that I can't handle mine. As you shake your head no and then ask "how do you do that?" Please let me explain. I love my kids. We get up and get ready everyday only to do that greatest things ever! For example, with my job I get to go to the children's museum, zoo, parks, bounce houses and anything else that I and my kids want to do! As I kindly walk away you keep talking to me. Maybe you are just too intrigued with how I live my life. Is it really that big of a shock that I have three? I kindly just reply to you again "the more the merrier!" You laugh and finally, finally go about your business. I wish I could of told you I was pregnant with triplets...only to see your shock then. However, because that is not the case I just continue to walk away.
To the sweet lady who happens to be my lucky cashier for the day. Need I remind you that yes they are all mine and none of them are twins. Need I also remind you that I am the mom. I am the only one who can yell at the is I choose to. I try not to however, and so I would like that same respect from you! I am very well aware that is gets annoying when my sweet 2 year old becomes a broken record and wants her piglet. You only hear it for 2 minutes. Therefore, if you are not the one to listen to it for 24 hours a day I would ask you to please be patient and not yell at her. Oh, and if you didn't hear her thank you, need I remind you that I am the mom. If I want her to say it I would ask her. Please don't demand that she say it to her brother. Take my thank you to be good enough. Thanks!
To all other walmart shoppers that feel so inclined to think that I need help. I don't! I can very much handle what I have whether it looks like it or not. This is the life I have chosen to live. I love my kids. Yes, I may look like I haven't slept for days and may be in sweats, however, I am still the mom. Let me remind you that only a short time ago three kids was considered a small family. So, please look at it in that light. To all other shoppers who shake there heads, gasp in horror, laugh, tell me I am wrong, or yell in pure shock please don't. It brings way to much attention and my kids asking me a million times "what happened mom?"
Thank you kind customers for reading this letter that is written very much out of love. Thank you for giving me each time a different experience shopping at the same store. May you remember the advice I share with you and next time you think to shake your head, please just smile as I walk by and then do you shake, yell, laugh and comments to yourself. Thank you so much.

With much love,

Friday, February 12, 2010

Take My Breath Away!

So, my FAVORITE pictures to hang in my house are ones I capture myself. This morning I woke up to the most beautiful sight. My husband called and told me I needed to load all three kids up and go on a drive. I am glad that despite my resistance I did. Here my friends is what I saw...

I cannot wait to get these printed and hung in my house. The joy of taking them yourself is what you remember. The day. The time. Where you are. What you were doing. The joy is brought. My sweet husband thinking of me. Oh the beauty of the earth. Endless Joy!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My New Kitchen!!

Okay so seriously it has been since September since I have posted. Where did the time go? Seriously, my life has been a little crazy and I have had to cut back a little. With two funerals and a crazy 2 year old I have had my little plate full.

My mom came to save me a few weeks ago and I told her I just wanted to see my kitchen finished. We quickly went to work on it and before she left I had a beautiful kitchen to be in. The kitchen is where I spend a lot of my day. I needed to feel good about it and to feel happy when in there serving my little family. Here are the pictures. There are two after pictures you all have been waiting for. The hutch and the kitchen table!! So without further ado here is what you have waited nearly 6 months for.

Here is the finished product of my hutch. It took forever! My sweet husband helped me so much on it. I LOVE it! I thought I would hate it because of what a pain it was! However, it is my FAVORITE!! I love the look. It is so me and I love that! The fun things inside I already had except for the tall red goblets which were.....$5 at walmart on clearance! LOVE IT!!

Here is my TABLE!!! Okay so you know the table that is SOOOO know right?...white legs light oak top.....okay now that we are on the same page...yes that is what this use to be. I left my chairs behind and found these ones for FREE!! Okay so, truth is...I paid $30 for 6 chairs and the table...then I sold the table (since I already had one) for $50. Yes you heard me right I MADE $20 on my thrift store find!! I LOVE THEM! WHY did I wait to do this? My life as a student would have been a little prettier had I given in and just done it! Thanks John for the encouragement!


I have such fun consignment stores around me. When my mom and I went we KNEW that little chef and scale belonged in my kitchen!! I couldn't help but think it HAD to have the words Bon Appetit by him! For a closer look at him....Don't you just LOVE him?? (Mom, I still smile when I look at him!)Here is the other side of the kitchen. I wanted a bird cage. I know, I know, not everyone is fond of them but I LOVE it! I thought I would repaint it but after putting it all together I LOVED the gold. My mom even said the same thing John said...why did you buy that? Then we put it together and look...isn't it so great!