Monday, April 11, 2011

Making it as a Mom...

 Happy Monday!!! 

How are you making it as a mom? This last week ALL my kiddos were sick, sick, sick. Not just...coughing...we still can get stuff done sick...but....puking....laying on the floor doing nothing sort of sick!

BLAH!!! is Monday...I LOVE Mondays! New fresh week to start with :)!

Today I wanted to share some ideas for helping your kids be more accountable.

This is a new stage of life for  me...I have been doing EVERYTHING for the past well...5 years!
Having 3 kids in 2 1/2 years I was in a mode.....well I am breaking out!!!

I wanted a chore chart....but not a chart :)
Here are some ideas I found to help me with that!

First...if I wasn't so busy....or lazy....I would have LOVED to make these from Make It Sparkly Mama!
How cute right? The kids just move the sticks when they are done :)!!! 
The next idea I found was from Soap Star Mom on etsy. She sells the boards and everythings! I LOVE it!

Chore Board - Small (1 or 2 names)
Awesome right? It was SO hard to choose what I wanted to do....
I came across magnets though from Abbies House on etsy.

CREATE YOUR OWN-   additional chore chart magnet set
I already had a magnet board and I can cut vinyl so I knew these were it! It was a HARD choice, but I am so excited to start having a more organized house :)!

Later in the week I will show you my board and tell you how I do it with the kiddies!!!

Happy Momday!!!




  1. Fun fun fun!!! Happy Birthday!!!!

  2. So sorry I couldn't make it this weekend! How did you do!?! Is it your birthday!? Happy Birthday! Hooray for birthdays! :) Talk soon!