Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentines Day

I hope you all have a fabulous V-Day!!

My day was exceptional!

I had to be creative this year to make sure my family new I loved them and this day was special where we can express it and have a great time together!

Remember about Dave Ramsey...yes...we are in that boat...and from the start of the year to date...we have paid off...$2,000 and are credit card debt FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(that is better then any gift that could be given!)

So...V-Day I got creative...made Valentines for my honey from the kids...
he put up a HUGE sign in the kitchen...and I made...
a WONDERFUL dinner with Valentines and all!

Here was a part of our dinner....

Braided heart bread for dinner....
It made dinner all the more exciting for the kids!

It was so fun to be creative and give from the heart!

Hope you all had a fantastic day!!!!

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