Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Before and After

So, I know big surprise this is not a Halloween project. Sorry to disappoint however, this was a project that NEEDED to be done!
...So...remember this picture last year of my wall with "Family" on it? I loved the arranged photos, but I HATED the black frames. They were to harsh to the eye and I felt like every time I looked at the wall I saw black instead of cute pictures. I decided it was finally time to change when my friend showed me a trick she used. Canvas pictures are a big thing right now...and I love them...but I don't love....the price! Call me cheapo...cause I am...but I couldn't do it. So...I decided to use foam board instead. I sprayed photo adhesive and stuck the pictures on the boards. I cut the board to size using my rotary cutter, mat and ruler. It was so easy! I used 1 1/2 pieces of foam board at $1.99 each. The new pictures...$11. Now that my friends is more in my budget:)!
I feel like it is not as harsh and it doesn't stop the wall...if you know what I mean!...The picture in the middle was taken by my amazing brother in law. He is an amazing photographer! Check out his website here. If you live in the Utah area look him up! Anyway I love my new wall and love that it is us. Nothing is posed it is all....REAL...this is my life...and I love it!


  1. These pictures are such a precious memory to display! I love the way you did it. You're right, the black was a little harsh...but the new look is perfect (:

    Stopping by from Creations by Kara!

  2. I love all your ideas!! Seriously so cute. I have not checked your blog in a while and I am wishing I would have earlier because I want all of this stuff for me! Think it is too late to start for Halloween?