Monday, September 6, 2010


Okay so who doesn't LOVE pillows! They make a room feel more comfy and cozy! However, I DO not love the price on throw pillows! I wanted four and I just couldn't justify the price...especially when I have three small kids who are going to play with them...*sigh*

So here is what my couch looked like before...
This picture says it all on why I wouldn't spend more then $20 on ALL four pillows!

Here are the fabrics I chose to make the pillows out of. YES I put those beads on there! Not the easiest thing to do when you only pretend to sew...but with a zipper foot I did it!
Here they are paired up...but they still need like ruffles or flowers...but I will start with this!
AND the after! Doesn't it look much better! Much more comfy and cozy?!

So I just bought fabric and cut the pieces the same size...bought ALL the stuffing at garage sales 3 bags for about $1.50! Then I attempted to sew and it worked:) Ladies...I am telling you if I can do it anyone can!!

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