Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Filling the Hole

So, remember when I asked you to pretend that there was a big bushy green plant coming out of my tin rectangle?...well...I did it! Shocker it didn't take weeks I know, so here is the before...
And here is the process of how I got to the after. When I saw that Thrifty Decor Chick re-created of the pottery barn plant (click here to see) I knew that is what I wanted to do. So I set off to the store and found what I thought was the perfect plant for me:

I started by taking off all the small branches and poking them into my foam that I put in the pan. This part was SO easy! I just kept poking till it was what I wanted.After I got it all nice and full this is what it looked like:Nice and bushy:)! Then the part you have all been waiting for....the after on my new entryway table.....
I LOVE it! I love what greenery can do for a room. I will be honest I HATE greenery, but when it is done right it looks awesome! I have learned you just can't buy it and place it. You have to have the right item to put it in, in the right place. That is for me anyway. Hope you all enjoy and dare to do the projects you have wanted to get done:)!

P.S. YES...I know the saying should have "AND" instead of "IN" thank you for the call Jenni...I am fixing it. John told me when he came home so no worries this I know.....thanks for being the one to tell me though Jen!!


  1. WOW!! The table and plant look awesome! I'm having to put my refinishing projects on hold for a few more weeks, until I'm a little more settled in our new place, but can't wait to get started, so my furniture can look as cute as yours!