Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mess Makeover

I am sure this will come to no shock to you....but three kids...equals MESSES :)!
A good mess means they had fun right....right...?!?!?!?!

Well...this mess I simply could NOT take anymore...
I was starting to sweat just looking at it!

WARNING...these pictures are HORRENDOUS!
(Please don't judge me :))Do you see all the USELESS garbage on the!

For some reason the toys just get pushed to the side at bedtime :)

Here is the pile of everything random :)! that I am hyperventilating...let me show you what I spend an HOUR AND A HALF doing....My hope is when we build our house...(Hopefully this summer)...It has a basement and I want the green rug to be under a table and chairs for the kids...and have a magically little play house girls would love it!(That is why I still have the green rug)
Oh third child is still in PJ's...I mean Kenz finally found her babies! :)

And here is the grand finale! I can finally breath again!
P.S. I LOVE this Ikea shelf to get everything organized!

Happy Organizing!

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