Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

This year is going to be great!

2010 was filled with many lemons for me that I hope to just make lemonade out of this year!
There are two main reasons for my lemons...first...wanting to be financially stable...and two...fertility.

I have the ability to be in control of the first one and dang it...I am going to be!
This year I am starting some new things...I hope you will come along as I progress and show you many new ideas on a budget!

Yes I just said the dreadful...freeing...exciting word....BUDGET!

I have decided what I am going to work on this is a BUDGET!


I have read and pondered Dave Ramsey and have decided to do it! I am tired of the stress money can cause in myself, and my relationships!

Now just a minor husband and I have not been that foolish! We do not have furniture debt...electronic debt...only 1 credit card that doens't have to much on it...2 car payments that do not equal the average...BUT...we do have many, many student loans!

I feel so trapped and stranded with them. I hate them, but we had to get them! So now...we pay it back...and we ARE and WILL going to do this! I WILL be disciplined and focused...

My Sweetheart and I WILL be on the same page! So...

So...forgive me as I do this will you...I may not have as many projects going on because I need to have a different focus...please don't leave though! I love your support and comments...I promise to still have just will not be a priority. My family has to be!

Please wish me good luck on the journey!


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