Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Before and After

It has been a while since I have done a before and after!

This before and after has been a LONG time coming...but it is in a room....that is at the bottom of my list to decorate....THE.BATHROOM.

Does anyone else have trouble with the bathroom? Well...I gave mine a little of a face lift to make it more pleasant to be in! :)

Before I had these in there...
This bathroom in my half bath downstairs so I wanted it to kind of tie in with the kitchen with rustic colors...

Here is after I changed it up a bit...
I love that you can see what they are in...then wondering...what the heck I have done....yes even I have mishaps that don't go over to well :)!

Total cost of the project....$2
YES $2...you can find the cute insides at THE DOLLAR STORE!

I also added this to the room....
YES...I FINALLY finished my cupcake liner wreath!
I found the frame at Hobby Lobby.
It made it look not so bare...all though this picture does not do it justice of how cute it is...because in a little bathroom it is hard to get a good angle...which is why it is crooked...
You all just took a second look huh? Stinkers!


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