Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Week in Review: Top Projects 2010

So...I am not sure how to feel about this year being over. It has been an interesting year filled with so many fun things and so many hard is it in review...

In January I redid my kitchen :)! My mom came and helped out with it! It turned out wonderful! I had so many redo's that went into the kitchen...first the orange hutch....
Here is the before! It was in an old garage at an estate sale...I bought it for $40!
Took forever to sand it down...and then the paint...I chose ORANGE...but wanted burnt orange...with a little bit of stain on top...I got the look I wanted...Do you see the awesome ORIGINAL bead board in the back???? It is my favorite part!

Another project that was HUGE for my kitchen was my table and chairs!!!! I redid the WHOLE thing! Table was given to me...I don't have a before pic...but you all know what it looked like...the country one that everyone starts with :)...still not sure????...does this ring a bell???...white legs....light wood top....yep you all just nodded your heads huh?!?!?!

Well here is is today.....
Here is the after...can you believe I SPRAY PAINTED the table...yep you heard me right...PERFECT...for three small kids :)! The chairs I got at goodwill OUTLET...for $30 and sold the table they came with for $ my table and chairs was a PLUS $20 for the total cost :)!

Join me the next couple days for more highlights of 2010!

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