Friday, February 4, 2011

Be Mine

Okay...I think it is safe to say...I am done with Valentines Day!

My house is decorated...and I have a birthday to move on to!

First is one of the last Valentine projects I did...
it was the part of...find wood...stick vinyl on it...add ribbon...and call it a craft :)!


It looks great on my shelf...remember that one...I built here to see that post.

And here it is all put together!!!
Oh the glitter hearts?!?!?...
I made those with my mom in Utah...they have a place called the Wood Connection that is...
well...the best place EVER! It is every wood lovers DREAM!
soon I will show you EVERYTHING I bought there...oh how I am in love!

Well...happy crafting and have a great weekend...
I have a dinosaur birthday to celebrate!!


1 comment:

  1. I love the Wood Connection - I have not been there for a while!! Maybe its time to take a trip:) Your sign is so cute!!And I wanted to tell you that I got my clippy and I LOVE it!!! I wore it yesterday and the moms at my sons school asked me where I got it!!! I am in love with hearts so I will probably be sporting this thing all year long :)