Thursday, March 10, 2011

The New Blog do you like my new look???

I have wanted a new look for A.LONG.TIME!

I tried and I tried to figure it all out...and I simply couldn't!

I can do most things but this whole designing a blog....was not my thing!

So...I contacted Sarah over at Sarahndipities.

She has THE cutest blog and makes FANTASTIC crafts!

She has all about how to make a better blog go on right now on her blog. She shares tips and advice so you to can have a better blog! We all know I needed it!

Well...I contacted her to see if she would just do the work for me :)
I bribed her of course and she so willingly put my blog together for me!
If you are like me and need help with yours she is SO willing!

This girl has some mad creating skills for sure!
She can make anything from crochet paperns to paper crafts to home BLOGS :)!

Here are some of her mad skillsCheck out this earring holder...yes she MADE this...and has a tutorial HERE

How about this is not real people...but oh man how I want to make some!
It is made out of......tissue paper!
Want some too...she has a tutorial HERE

Oh and if that is not enough....she also makes.....AMAZING cards! She also has step by step instructions...for this card go HERE.

And last but not least.....Her mad crochet skills are AMAZING!
She has the pattern for this cute shamrock pattern HERE.

Isn't she SO cute and AMAZING????

I am completely in AWE!

So...go check out here blog and prepare to make your "TO DO" list a little longer!

Thanks again Sarah for my cute blog!!!



  1. Awww! thanks for the sweet shout out!! I'm so glad you liked the way it turned out!!