Monday, November 29, 2010

The Stockings Were Hung...

Okay here is the project of the week!!! I am VERY excited about this one because....

You just may be shocked...

I CAME UP WITH ALL OF IT! Yes I know...shocking....I copy ideas and make them how I want, but NOT with this one. I thought of EVER.SINGLE.DETAIL!

Can I just say I am IN LOVE with rosettes! I love them on just about EVERYTHING! They are so easy to make! Have you tried any yet?

My Sparkle has a great tutorial! I will add in though that when you are is more of a back and forth then all the way around...make sense?!?!...if not, try it out and doing it hands on might make a little more sense.

Anyway...with out further adieu here is my beloved "The Stockings Were Hung"!

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  1. So're always thinking Abbi! :)

  2. Love this! Maybe I'll make it for my boy's stockings.

  3. That turned out so cute! I really like the rosettes! The colors are perfect! Great job!

    Thanks for linking!

  4. This is a really cute idea! Especially if you have a lot of stockings to hang! I love making those rosettes too. Took me awhile to get the hang of it, and there is no way I could ever explain how I do it.

  5. so cute! You did a great job! Would love for you to come visit me at Sew Chatty and link up to Made with Love Monday!

  6. LOVE this idea!! I adore the fabric you used for the rossettes too! SO cute!