Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall Yard Pick

Craft Chic Mommy also had a yard pick that was so cute...and of course....I have a chop saw do I could make it!!! Okay you can also have Home Depot cut your wood....but it was nice to not have to do that!
Such an easy project! I just painted, distressed, put vinyl on it, glued it, tied raffia and walla...there it is! I have it displayed in my wall cut out at my front door.
I thought it was perfect with my scarecrows...I bought those last year on clearance for $3. I was excited to finally get to use them!


  1. Abbi- I love all your projects. I have seen all these also, but haven't had the energy or time to do them all. Yours look great! You inspire me. Way to go! -Mary

  2. I've decided you put us all to shame. I love your projects, I feel inspired. Where do you find the time to do them all?