Thursday, June 11, 2009

Check Out These Finds

So, many of you know how I LIVE and LOVE a good deal. I am not talking about something that happens to be on sale I am talking about GOOD deals! It is my natural high. It is inside of me ready to burst. It is something I get very, very excited about. I thought I would share some of my good finds this week...

This little table here works PERFECT in my weird spot right when you walk in my front door. Can you believe I got it for $1!! YES ONE DOLLAR! Soon, I will have the before and after of it on my decorating blog. It is going to look great when it is done!

This little shelf BRAN new in the box...$5. Yes, that is only a 5 after the dollar sign. I have already put it together and hung it in my kids bathroom with the cutest little orange baskets that fit PERFECT in the cubes. The little lamp $1. Just wait till you see the lamp painted and put in my little boys room...PERFECT!

These two mirrors I got REALLY excited about. The white one $1. YES ONE DOLLAR. The silver on $5. That is a total of only $6 that I spent on two mirrors. Soon I will have pictures of where they are in my house. (Yes that is my green rug I bought and now have NO idea how to decorate with it. Any advice?)

This little bench only needs a little TLC and it will be beautiful. Can you picture it looking great? Soon I will have a before and after off this to. Guess how much...$5. Now most will say they would never even of thought to get it...just wait till you see what it looks like after my TLC.

Are you ready for this one? Please do sit down...I would hate for any one to get hurt when I announce I got this baby for FREE! Yes I will spell that for you F.R.E.E. I called the lady who only wanted $85 for it. She was already moved and it was just sitting in the garage. She told me I could go and get it for FREE. Can I just tell you how beautiful it is and how happy this makes me. I LOVE to play and this piano is both great looking and plays wonderful. Thanks for letting me share my fun joy I have been having decorating my new house!


  1. What great finds - that piano may be the find of a lifetime! Although I am quite envious of that silver mirror. Its so pretty!

  2. What a pretty piano. Congrats!

  3. Wow! Wanna come find some of those deals for me, too?

  4. WOW!!! I love the piano! Maybe when you are here this summer you can find some great deals for me!

  5. You stink.. I must live where the thrift store is the number one most shopped places. I never find good deals.. Love the piano and pretty much everything else. I need to come there. Sorry I missed your call I will give you one.

  6. You are sooo lucky! I too got a free piano and found out it needed $1500 in repairs to START! Still trying to figure out what to do with it. It is a pretty piece of furniture taking up a lot of space with no real use. Your piano is really lovely!
    Thanks for the info on the camera and recovering the pictures. That might help.